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    Chesterfield County/Colonial Heights Crime Solvers offers three venues for citizens to provide information concerning unsolved crimes in, or fugitives wanted by Chesterfield County and the city of Colonial Heights.  Tipsters do so while maintaining ANONYMITY, and if the tip helps law enforcement then the tipster would be eligible for a CASH reward. 

    The Crime Solvers program is a collaborative effort among law-enforcement, the media and the concerned citizens of the community.  While law enforcement agencies play an important role in the program’s success (more than 6,000 crimes have been resolved since the program’s inception in 1984), NO TAX DOLLARS or government funds are used to fund rewards.  Chesterfield County/Colonial Heights Crime Solvers, Inc. is a nonprofit, 501 (c)3 organization that relies solely on donations from businesses, civic groups and individuals who believe in our efforts. 

    This Web Sponsor program is new and designed to benefit both the sponsor and the Crime Solvers program.  This program will provide the opportunity to advertise on, and link your business message to, the Crime Solvers website.  The details and statistics for this program are described in greater detail in a Media Kit, which you are welcome to download by clicking HERE.

    Thank you for your consideration……and remember……TAKE THE TIME TO SOLVE THE CRIME


    If you would like a .pdf version of the entire media kit (4 pages), please click HERE

    IF you only need a copy of the order form, please click HERE to download the form.


    Website Statistics

      Last full week Last 30 days
    Total Hits for Site: (number of people who visited the site)   3,337 5,057
    Pages Hit per Visit:  4.00 11.04
    Average Time on the Site: 3 min. 46 sec.    
    Hits Per Page:           
    Home Page:
    908 3,017
    Most Wanted: 785 2,893
    Sheriff’s Office Most Wanted: 328 1,302
    Crime of the Week: 265 930


    Top Landing Pages: (which page are people entering the site)
                    Home Page
                    Most Wanted
                    Crime of the Week
                    Sheriff's Office Most Wanted

    Total Website Hits: (last full month on record)

    January:  31,660 July:  13,306
    February:  30,033 August:  12,396
    March:  31,615 September:  12,031
    April:  25,559 October:  12,510
    May:  23,988 November:  25,332
    June:  19,052 December:  43,914


    Web Page Advertising Rates

      Ad Sizes (72 res)
    MAX width x height
    6 Month Introductory Rate Monthly Rate Thereafter
    Button #1 120 x 90 pixels $35/month $50/month
    Half Banner 234 x 60 pixels $50/month $75/month
    Leaderboard 728 x 90 pixels $75/month $100/month

    The above rates are for Crime of the Week, Missing Persons  and Scholastic  pages.

    Rates for the Crime Solvers Home Page – add $5

    Rates for the Most Wanted Page and Sheriff’s Most Wanted Page– add $10

    Contracts are automatically renewed in 6 month increments unless cancelled

    * Available for original contracts of 6 months or longer

    1.    A link to the advertiser’s web page is included.
    2.    The advertiser must provide their logo in .jpg, png or .gif format.
    3.    Any changes to the original copy will warrant a $35 charge.
    4.    On a quarterly basis the advertiser will be provided with the number of hits received on their specific Crime Solvers web page.

    ♦   The rotating image on the home page (Button #2) is reserved for Crime Solvers major contributors.


    Wondering where your ad would appear?


    If you would like a .pdf version of the entire media kit (4 pages), please click HERE.

    IF you only need a copy of the order form, please click HERE to download the form.


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