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  • Crime Solvers Scholastic Program

    The Crime Solvers Scholastic Program is designed to get our youth involved in civil service and community awareness.  Crime Solvers has clubs in many middle schools and in some high schools within Chesterfield County and the city of Colonial Heights.  Each club’s main objective is to CREATIVELY promote Crime Solvers in their school.  The clubs also determine how much of a reward to give tipsters who help resolve cases involving their school campus.  Each school club has a Faculty Advisor, a Crime Solvers Board Member, and a Law Enforcement Coordinator.  The student members do not investigate crimes or take Crime Solvers tips. If your school does not have a Crime Solvers club and you are interested in starting one, please contact the Crime Solvers Business Office at 804.748.1278 or click HERE to send an email to a Crime Solvers Coordinator.

    El Fin!

    THANK YOU to Ironbridge Sports Park and the students of the 2014-2015 Scholastic Clubs for making this year's End of Year Party a HUGE success!  The weather was almost perfect as students were rewarded for their Crime Solvers publicizing efforts by participating in go kart racing, mini golf, outdoor lazer tag and even batting cage practice at Ironbridge Sports Park.  A good time was had by all, including members of the Crime Solvers Board of Directors who were on hand to offer their gratiitude for the students' efforts.  For those students who will be returning next year...tell your friends why learning about and talking about Crime Solvers is a rewarding experience!


    Congratulations, Jessica and Gabby!

    This year, Crime Solvers, with the help of TWO generous private doners, awarded its very first scholarship awards to two students who were outstanding members of a Scholastic Crime Solvers club.  Of the seniors who submitted for the awards, Jessica Nazzaro and Gabrielle "Gabby" Pecoraro (BOTH from Cosby High School's club)  showed why they were deserving of the awards.  Each student received TWO $500 awards, one from the Crime Solvers board and one matching award from the Chesterfield County School Board.  Among the many required components of the submissions, they were asked to write an essay describing why Crime Solvers was an important program within the community.  Both clearly articulated that fact.  Be on the lookout for the essays in their entirety, but for now...please join us in congratulating Jessica and Gabby for their efforts in making Crime Solvers at Cosby High School an effective club.


    Meet Reptaldo Montalbon.

    Just a word to the wise... if a Velociraptor comes into your office and demands a T-shirt, you GIVE him a T-shirt.


    Our 2013-2014 Scholastic Club at Midlothian MS
    (In their nice Crime Solvers T-shirts)

    Students at Tomahawk Creek Middle School (SY 2013-2014)
    get the REAL scoop on CSI.

    Students at Salem Church Middle School are getting the word out!  Thank you!

    Reagan Urban and Samantha Menjivar, from the Scholastic Club at Tomahawk Creek Middle School (SY 2009-2010), received gift bags for their assistance in the preliminary stages of a new fundraising opportunity for Crime Solvers.  Crime Solvers accepts empty foil drink pouches (like CapriSun, KoolAid, etc.), foil-lined potato-chip bags AND old cell phones to raise money AND help promote recycling and repurposing.  These items are collected by our middle school and high school clubs and sent to Terracycle.  They take these items and either recycle or repurpose them into useful products.  Since their materials are coming to them for free, they THANK their partners by making contributions to their "charity of choice" (that would be US).  If YOU have "trash" to donate, give our office a call...804.748-1278.


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