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    Photo(s) Case description

    Why NOT? It's not THEIR money.

    The man and woman pictured to the left used a stolen credit card to purchase two $400 gift cards form a local department store.  Look at those faces.  SOMEONE knows them.


    A Chain Smoker? A Thief? or BOTH?

    The guy pictured to the left went into the back office of the Falling Creek 7-Eleven location and stole numerous cartons of Newport cigarettes.  There was a black female with long hair in the passenger seat of the car he escaped in.  Can you help identify him?


    How many thieves does it take...?

    On Friday, Jan. 31, the 4 men pictured took items from the electronics department and hid them in another part of the store.  The two women then picked up the relocated items, placed them into their bags and walked out without paying.  The main item targeted...Jawbone Up bracelets.


    09-29-2013 I needed suitcases for my trip to JAIL.

    This suspect pictured went into the Walmart at 12000 Ironbridge Plaza and loaded two suitcases with DVD movies and car stereos.  He then escaped out of the back of the store, jumped a wall and headed toward River Forest Apartments.


    07-11-2013 The Bold and the Criminal

    The two pictured to the left stole a computer (used for inventory) from the Dollar General store located in Bermuda Crossing Shopping Center.  They did so at 3 in the afternoon of July 11.  At 3 in the afternoon, SOMEONE saw these two and knows who they are.  Do YOU know?


    09-14-2013 Coincidence?!?

    During the morning of Sept. 14, a Kohl's Department Store manager had her purse stolen from her office, 11331 Midlothian Turnpike.  Coincidentally, the man pictured to the left was spotted going into the offices, roaming around, and he was NOT a staff member of the store.  Coincidence?  We don't think so either.  Can you help us identify him?


    08-21-2013 - Hi. My name is Frank. I Have Anger Issues.

    The motorcyclist pictured to the left apparently had a close call with a car.  Instead of being grateful that he didn't get hit, he pulled beside the car and KICKED the door, causing damage.  If you open the picture to full size and look by his left knee...you'll see a plate with "Frank and Doris".   We're guessing this is Frank.


    07-22-2013 Keep it to YOURSELVES, Guys

    Chesterfield Police need help identifying the two males pictures to the left.  They were both caught on camera with their private parts exposed.  The black male was in a department store staring at a female shopper, and the white male left it hanging out as he walked into and around a convenience store.  Let's get these guys caught.

    The WHITE MALE PICTURED has been identified and charged.


    06-21-2013 - BIG Spenders (with OTHER people's money)

    The two suspects pictured to the left used stolen credit cards to buy a LOT of stuff at stores in the Metro-Richmond area.  The cards were stolen from cars parked at fitness centers in Chesterfield.  Do you KNOW them?


    05-24-2013 - Because SOUND Quality is Important

    The guy pictured to the right must have felt that audio quality was worth a criminal record.  He shoplifted TWO pair of Dr. Dre headphones from the Hancock Village Walmart.


    07-02-2013 - Um...Well...THAT'S Awkward

    Walking into the Circle K on Buford Road at 3 AM is unusual.  Walking in with your private parts hanging out of your pants is just down-right gross.  That's what this guy did on July 2.


    07-07-2013  iStole an iPhone. iHope iDont get caught.

    The suspect pictured to the left stole an iPhone 5 from a customer of the Woods Edge Road 7-Eleven.  The suspect then left in a mid 90s, white Lexus 400.

    KUDOS to 7-Eleven for the great quality image!


    03-09-2013 Perfume, Bras and a Camera?

    Those are what Kohl's store security is saying these two women stole from their store at 11331 Midlothian Turnpike.  Can you help identify them?


    12-23-2012 Try and Try Again

    The suspect pictured to the left TRIED to use a credit card stolen from a woman's purse. He TRIED to buy $2800 worth of gift cards, but the bank caught on and denied all transactions. The victim lost some cash, but was likely grateful that the bank caught the credit card transactions.


    03-17-2013 - And they were driving a WHAT?!?

    The two women pictured here shoplifted clothes from the Kohl's department store at 11331 Midlothian Tnpk.  Security tried to stop them, but they drove away in a silver Lexus.

    In all fairness...the license plate appears to be either a dealer tag or a temporary tag.


    03-17-2013 - The Hippie Thief

    The woman pictured to the left shoplifted clothes from the Kohl's department store at 11331 Midlothian Tnpk.  She put the clothes into a bag she was carrying and walked out, getting into a silver 2-door with Indiana license plates.


    01-29-2013 - Oh...Yea...I forgot to pay.

    The man pictured to the left walked out of Walmart, 14501 Hancock Village Street, without paying for a 32" Samsung TV.  Apparently he did the same type of crime in Colonial Heights.

    Yea....he forgot.....riiiiiight...........


    02-05-2013 - Donde Está Mis Pantalones?

    The man pictured to the left stole two pair of Levi jeans from Kohl's, 11331 Midlothian Turnpike.  He stole them around 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 5.


    12-26-2012 - A PICTURE is worth MORE than 1,000 words

    The woman pictured to the left stole a picture from Taylor's Restaurant on Millridge Parkway.  The picture was "removed" from the restaurant Sunday evening, Dec.23 into the morning of Dec.24.

    The picture..."Shooting Pool" with Elvis, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.


    12-16-2012 - Think Pink

    A victim was shopping at the Martin's, 12601 Jefferson Davis Highway between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m. on Dec. 16.  Hours later, this man pictured to the left TRIED to use her stolen credit card at the Colonial Heights Target.  The transaction was denied.  Can you identify him?


    11-20-2012 Jackets Keep Us Warm...

    They also can conceal stolen groceries, as this woman exemplified on Nov. 20 between 1:20 and 1:30 p.m.  She stole from the Walmart in Hancock Village.  Can YOU identify her?


    11-28-2012 - I Want To Ride YOUR Bicycle

    The two suspects pictured to the left were involved in the theft of two bicycles from the Kohl's at 2701 W.Hundred Road (Chester.  The bikes were very unique.  One was a Black-Eye model, blue in color.


    10-30-2012 - Are You a COP?

    The person pictured here may or may not have information that could help with the investigation of a police impersonation case.  Please take a look at this unique Ford SUV.  The impersonation incident occurred along the Jefferson Davis Highway corridor.


    11-28-2012 - Beautiful Banshee

    This Yamaha Banshee ATV was stolen from an address off Sunset Boulevard. Check out this beautiful machine ...  SOMEONE will recognize it.  If you see it, please call, click or text your tip through us.


    04-08-2012 - No..this card is NOT stolen.

    This guy TRIED to use a stolen credit card to purchase three large gift cards from Sheetz.  Thankfully, an attentive clerk and store manager knew something was wrong and didn't allow the transaction.  The suspect GRABBED the stolen card and walked out.


    09-29-2012 - Money Order Man

    The older man pictured here took a $500 Western Union money order from the Falling Creek 7-Eleven.  It was accidentally left on the counter by a customer, and when that customer returned to retrieve it, it was gone.


    10-26-2012 - A Would-be Shoplifter

    The young man pictured to the left attempted to steal video games and CDs. When security stopped him, he gave back the items, but then RAN from the store.


    10-11-2012 - Illegal Shopping Spree

    The female pictured to the left used ANOTHER person's credit card on a shopping spree.  The card was stolen while the victim as at the Aquatic Center (Route 10 near Chippenham Pkwy).



    10-16-2012 - Larceny from Vehicle

    Police are searching for the suspect pictured to the left who stole credit cards and other property from a vehicle that was located in the 5600 block of Yellowleaf drive between 8:30pm and 9:30pm on October 16, 2012.

    The suspect used the victim's credit card at a gas station located in the 2400 block of West Hundred Road. He left the scene driving a dark colored sedan.


    Sept. 2012 - Caught at Kohl's.

    Kohl's Department store on Route 60 (Midlothian Turnpike) has had what seems to be a SLEW of shoplifting cases.  Let's help them and Chesterfield Police investigators get these folks (pictured to the left) identified.  If you recognize any of them, PLEASE CALL, CLICK or TEXT your tip to us.  ...and please let the operator know WHICH of the suspects you are describing.

    **update** 5 suspects have already been identified, but these pictured to the right still have not.


    30 June 2012 - Criminal Record vs. Beer?

    The two pictured to the left stole several cases of beer from the Kroger, 2801 Hicks Road.  This happened on Saturday, June 30, just after 5 p.m.


    4 Aug. 2012 - I Didn't Take It!

    The man pictured to the left is a person of interest in a theft of cash from a customer at 7-Eleven, 1924 Walnut Avenue (Enon).

    The young lady pictured was with him during the incident.  Can you help us identify them?


    22 July 2012 - Looking for Something??

    The guy pictured to the left was captured on camera rumaging around a customer's car while it was parked at WaWa, 6001 Ironbridge Road.  (201207220060)


    April 5, 2012 - Cell Phone Theft

    Around 9 a.m., the man pictured to the left picked up a Blackberry cellphone that was accidentally left on the counter at Sheetz, 231 E.Hundred Road (in Enon).


    June 16, 2012 (TV theft)

    Talk about BOLD! The subject pictured to the left walked out of the Midlothian Target with a 47" Vizio television.  Please help us identify him.


    Mar.25, 2012 (Shoplifter)

    The man pictured to the left was involved in a shoplifting at the Dollar General store in Ettrick (on Woodpecker Road).  While the theft was a misdemeanor, it is STILL a crime.  Thank you, Dollar General, for the good pictures!


    Jan.25, 2012 - Credit Card Fraud

    The suspect pictured to the left was using a stolen credit card to purchase gasoline from the WaWa on Route 10 near Cogbill Road. (201201252014)


    January 30, 2012 - His GAIN, His Loss

    The man pictured to the left was caught on camera stealing several containers of GAIN detergent from Dollar General, 5760- Hopkins Road.  He fled the area in a green pickup truck.  Please help us identify him.  Kudos to Dollar General for their quality photos! (201201300185)


    Dec. 13, 2010 - Alcohol theft

    Going back though some photo files, we found this case still unsolved. These two pictured worked together to steal alcohol from the ABC store, 11108 Midlothian Turnpike.  These pictures are EXCELLENT, and someone out there knows who these two are!



    Apr. 2 and 5, 2012 - Vending Machine Break-ins

    It has happened AGAIN!?! A white male  and female pair (different from the two listed in Crime of the Week 1450) has broken into vending machines at Holiday Inn-Koger Center.  The pictures are excellent.  Please take note, the female suspect was wearing a sweatshirt with "Tigger" stamped on the back.




    Mar. 3, 2012 - Larceny from Walmart

    Between Wednesday, Feb. 22 and Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012 three suspects stole approximately 101 assorted video games (Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox) from the Wal-Mart located at 12000 Iron Bridge Plaza. The suspects removed games from the display case, hid the games in a nearby aisle, then later transferred the games to a plastic tote. One of the suspects is later seen pushing the cart out of the store.  In addition to THIS suspect, there was a white female and another white male.


    Mar. 13, 2012 - Larceny from Cici's Pizza

    On the evening of Saturday, March 10 at approximately 5:00 p.m., two vending machines within Cici's Pizza located at 4900 Commonwealth Center Parkway had been broken into and money taken from them. Video surveillance inside of the game area shows a white male and white female committing the crime. Several hundreds of dollars in quarters were taken from the machines.


    Jan. 16, 2012 - Shoplifting from Kroger

    The suspect pictured to the left was caught on video sureillance carrying meats and other items out of the Kroger, 2801 Hicks Road.  He was seen getting into a white Chevrolet van, being driven by another black male.



    Feb. 29, 2012 - Credit Card Theft

    On 2/29/12 a suspect entered the YMCA on Coalfield Rd., entered the locker room, stole the victim's wallet and then used the credit cards at a number of businesses in the area. The same suspect is believed to be involved in a simular incident, at the YMCA located  on Hull Street Road on the same day. In this incident the suspect stole the victims car keys from the locker room, went into the victims car, and stole his wallet with various charge cards in it. The stolen credit were then attempted to be used by the suspect, at the Food Lion located at Hull Street Road and Walmsley Blvd.



    Jan. 22, 2012 - Grand Larceny

    On Sunday, Jan. 22, 2012 at about 2:39 p.m. a male suspect can be seen stealing a computer from the Hyatt Place located at 13148 Kingston Avenue.  The suspect is captured on video with a towel draped over the computer, and exiting the hotel through a side door.  The suspect is described as a white or light skinned Hispanic male, 5 feet, 5 inches tall, with a medium to average build, and weighed approximately 180 lbs.



    Nov. 9, 2011 - Larceny/ Brandishing Firearm

    On Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011 at about 4:00 p.m. a black male shoplifted from the Dollar General located at 7218 Hull Street Road, in the 360 West Shopping Center.  The suspect is believed to have shoplifted T-shirts from this location.  The suspect was confronted by a manager as the suspect left the store, and at this time is when the suspect lifted his shirt exposing a handgun; which was tucked in his waistband.  The suspect was last seen walking away from the store to the parking lot.  It is believed the suspect is driving a 4 door Chrysler or Chevrolet, white in color, and has a Virginia license plate.


    Dec. 31, 2011 - Larceny from vehicle/Fraud

    Between 11:30 p.m. Friday, Dec. 30, 2011 to 1:00 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 31, 2011, an unknown person stole a purse with various items in it from a vehicle in the parking lot of the TGI Friday's located at 10301 Midlothian Turnpike.  A female suspect was later seen by security cameras using the victims credit/debit cards at various locations throughout the Richmond area.  The female suspect was successful in making numerous fraudulent charges to the victims credit/debit cards.


    Oct. 11, 2011 - Cigarette Theft

    On October 11, at the Walgreens, 11119 Hull Street Rd., this male subject asked for several cartons of cigarettes.  When they were handed to him, he ran from the store.  Can you help us identify him?



    August 22, 2011 - Larceny

    On Thursday, August 18 at approximately 7:20 p.m. a vehicle pulled into the parking lot of the Davis Auto Sales after closing.  While there, two men exited the vehicle and approached the business.  They were later seen stealing vehicle rims from the business.  The suspects loaded the rims into a pickup, which looked to be a white Nissan Frontier.  The first suspect looked to be a white male, bald with a goatee, stocky, and tall.  The second suspect looked to be a white male with glasses, medium build, and medium length hair.   


    August 16, 2011 - Larceny

    On Tuesday, August 16 at about 5:30 p.m. a white male shoplifted from the Virginia ABC Store located at 9949 Hull Street Road, in the Oxbridge Shopping Center.  The suspect is believed to have shoplifted from this location on several different occasions.  The item being stolen by the suspect is ICE 101 Peppermint Liquor.  The suspect is concealing the bottles in his pants and fleeing the store.  It is believed the suspect is driving a newer model work style van with a Virginia plate.


    July 27, 2011 - Breaking and Entering

    On Wednesday, July 27 between 1:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. a home in the 4400 block of Oxbridge Road was broken into.  The suspect pried open a side door to gain entry into the home.  The suspect managed to steal several thousands of dollars of jewelry from the residence.  The suspect was captured on video by a "nanny cam" committing the crime.


    June 10, 2011 - Larceny from Auto

    On Friday, June 10, 2011 at about 9:25 p.m. a Hispanic female stole property from a vehicle in the parking lot of the Target located at 2530 Weir Road.  The female suspect was seen by security cameras committing the crime.  The female suspect was accompanied by a Hispanic male.  The suspect in this case was also possibly seen driving a green late 80's to early 90's 4 door Honda Civic.


    February 25, 2011 - Credit Card Fraud

    On Feb. 25, 2011, a victim lost their charge cards in an unknown location.  An unknown black female at the following locations subsequently used the cards fraudulently: HH Gregg, Best Buy, and Outback Steak House.  The location of all the businesses where the crimes took place was all in the Huguenot Road/Chesterfield Towne Center Area.  Charges to the victim’s charge cards totaled more than $3,000.00.


    January 16, 2011 - Attempt Break-in on College Park Ave.

    On January 16, the suspect pictured to the left was caught on camera attempting to break into a home on College Park Avenue in Chesterfield County.  The suspect did not get inside, but if we don't catch him...he may take another opportunity at someone else's home.


    October 25, 2010 - Credit Card Fraud

    A victim was checking her bank account electronically and learned that her account had been overdrawn.  It was determined that her bank card was used fraudulently at numerous businesses in the area, including three in Chesterfield.  The woman pictured to the left was using the card at Walmart, 900 Walmart Way, on Oct. 25, 2010.  Can you help identify her?


    December 22, 2010 - Credit Card Theft/Fraud

    A victim had his wallet stolen from his car while at Burlington Coat Factory, 10400 Midlothian Turnpike.  His credit cards were used at various locations in the Richmond area, including the ABC Store in Southside Plaza, to purchase items without the owner's consent.


    February 25, 2010 – Wig Theft

    Between 3 and 3:20 p.m., the woman pictured to the left stole a wig from UNi Beauty Supply Store, 7439 Midlothian Turnpike.  Store employees watched her put a wig into the purse she carried, and when they tried to confront her in the parking lot, she denied the theft, got into the passenger side of a dark mini van and drove off.














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