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  • Mission & Statistics

    Statistics Since 1984
    Crimes Solved: 7,250
    Drugs Seized:  $929,408
    REWARDS Approved: $539,901
    Property Recovered: $2,066,307
    Tips Received: 27,683
    Our Mission

    Chesterfield County/Colonial Heights Crime Solvers, Inc. is a community involvement program, created to help stop crime in its tracks. The Crime Solvers program helps gather clues that law enforcement agencies need to solve crimes. Every week, facts about various crimes are publicized on television, radio and through newspapers, with a request that anyone who has information about those crimes call the special Crime Solvers number. All tips are anonymous (we don't have caller ID!) and cash rewards are paid (up to $1,000) for clues that are vital in the successful solution of a crime.

    Website Statistics

                                                                                                           Last full week              Last 30 days

    Total Hits for Site: (number of people who visited the site)                       3,337                           5,057
    Pages Hit per Visit:                                                                             4.00                             6.59


    Hits Per Page:                       Home Page:                                        908                              3,017

                                                    Most Wanted:                                     785                              2,893

                                                    Sheriff’s Office Most Wanted             328                              1,302

                                                    Crime of the Week:                             265                              930


    Top Landing Pages: (which page are people entering the site)

                                                    Most Wanted

                                                    Home Page

                                                    Crime of the Week

                                                    Not Seen on TV


    Total Website Hits: (last full month on record)

                January:           __31,660__                                         July:                __13,306__

                February:         __30,033__                                        August:            __12,396__

                March:             __31,615__                                        September:      __12,031__

    April:                __25,559__                                        October:          __12,510__

                May:                __23,988__                                        November:       __25,332__

                June:                __19,052__                                        December:       __43,914__


    Crime Solvers is NOT funded by your tax dollars. We depend on donations from private citizens, corporations, civic and social groups, and professional associations.

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