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    Congratulations, Becky!

    Becky Adams, Administrative Secretary for the Chesterfield Police Department and the main "go to" person for anything administrative regarding our civilian-run Crime Solvers program, received the 2014 Civilian Employee of the Year for the Chesterfield County Police Department.  Instead of us bragging on her, this is the submission that was written for her award:

    Saying that Rebecca Adams is the glue that holds our Crime Solvers Program together is an understatement. She not only takes telephone, text and web tips, but also helps maintain the program’s website and attends and helps organize Crime Solvers functions and fundraisers. She is responsible for many of the program operations, and is passionate about her work.
    Mrs. Adams is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the program, and ensuring that anonymous callers remain unidentified. Her diligence helped maintain the anonymity of a tipster who helped solve a homicide in the City of Richmond. Also, it is not uncommon for Mrs. Adams to help solve cases. She overheard two captains discussing a suspicious subject who had been spotted in a county building and immediately exclaimed, “I know who that is!” She was able to find a photo of the same unidentified man, which was posted on the Crime Solvers website. The man was a suspect in several thefts in the Richmond area. Within a day, the man was identified and arrested. Mrs. Adams’ quick thinking and incredible memory no doubt contributed to the quick arrest of this suspect.
    She is a true ambassador for the Crime Solvers Program, and is tactful and diplomatic when making recommendations to the governing board on how to improve the program. She often steps in to make sure details do not fall between the cracks, and can always be counted on to be a team player.
    Congratulations to our 2014 Civilian of the Year, Mrs. Becky Adams!


    June 5, 2013 - Again...The Awards Continue.

    The Telly Awards has named MBK MEDIA PROGRAM as a Bronze winner in the 34th Annual Telly Awards for their piece titled Crime Solvers: Protecting Your Community, Anonymously. With nearly 11,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries, this is truly an honor.  This video was a collaborative effort between the Chesterfield County/Colonial Heights Crime Solvers Organization and the Meadowbrook Media Program to help promote the various methods a person can use to make an anonymous tip about a crime he/she might have information about.  The Meadowbrook Media Program decided to present this information in a short film/reenactment format to entertain the audience while providing valuable information.  The process took approximately a year and a half to complete, but the long-endured project was well worth it! Meadowbrook students wrote, directed, acted in, and edited this award-winning video!  The Telly Awards was founded in 1979 and is the premier award honoring outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs, the finest video and film productions, and online commercials, video and films.  Winners represent the best work of the most respected advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, and corporate video departments in the world.

    For its 34th season, The Telly Awards once again joined forces with YouTube to give the public the power to view and rate videos submitted as part of the People’s Telly Awards. In addition to recognition from the Silver Telly Council, the judging panel that selects the Telly Awards winners, the Internet community helps decide the People’s Telly Awards winners.
    A prestigious judging panel of over 500 accomplished industry professionals, each a past winner of a Silver Telly and a member of The Silver Telly Council, judged the competition, upholding the historical standard of excellence that Telly represents. The Silver Council evaluated entries to recognize distinction in creative work – entries do not compete against each other – rather entries are judged against a high standard of merit. Less than 10% of entries are chosen as Winners of the Silver Telly, our highest honor. Approximately 25% of entries are chosen as Winners of the Bronze Telly.

    “The Telly Awards has a mission to honor the very best in film and video,” said Linda Day, Executive Director of the Telly Awards. “The Meadowbrook Media Program’s accomplishment illustrates their creativity, skill, and dedication to their craft and serves as a testament to great film and video production.”
    “This is truly an honor! With so many awards out there for everything you can imagine, this one truly means something. We’re very proud of our students for their hard work and we
    greatly appreciate the support that our faculty, administration and community have shown us!” said Randy West, Director of MBK Media Program.
    To find out more about the Telly Awards visit our website at www.tellyawards.com.   To learn more about the Meadowbrook Media program visit their website at www.mbk411.com or like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mediambk . You can also follow us on Twitter @mediambk.

    November 16, 2012 - MBK + VCSA = WTG!

    On Friday, November 16, Meadowbrook High School's Media and Production Teacher Randy West was presented the 2012 Media Representative of the Year award for his facilitation of a Crime Solvers video "Crime Solvers: Protecting Your Community Anonymously!"  Back in 2010, Randy West took on the task of Faculty Advisor for the Crime Solvers club at Meadowbrook High School.  As faculty advisor, Mr. West tasked his students with this video project in an effort to gain exposure for the Crime Solvers program, text tipping and web tipping.  The project spanned three semesters, and the time and effort paid off as evidenced by the final production.  Students scripted, directed and acted in the project under the guidance and expertise of Mr. West and representatives from our program.  The goal was to create a video that could be shown to students and the general public that would give an accurate depiction of the program working in a realistic scenario.  The video was posted on Meadowbrook High School's YouTube page (MBK 411) and received RAVE reviews by students at the school.  Our local NBC affiliate, WWBT-12, picked up on the story and provided additional exposure, as did Comcast Cable and Verizon.  If you would like to see the final product, please click HERE!  Make sure you watch the bloopers at the end!

    We have always viewed the involvement of students in our marketing as important to the future of our program, and this video has drawn in that involvement in a creative and practical way.  We believe that Mr. Randy West was very deserving of the Media Representative of the Year Award.  Congratulations to him, and ALL of the students involved in the concepting, scripting, acting, and production of this video!



    September 25, 2010 – Martin Stith Wins State Award

    Our program recently submitted Mr. Martin Stith, Production Administrator for Comcast Cablevision, to the Virginia Crime Stoppers Association for their Media Representative of the Year award, and he did, in fact, win the award.  It was presented to him in Smithfield, Virginia at the Sept. 24-26 state conference.
    Mr. Stith and his crew produce our yearly golf tournament PSA; the golf tournament being our largest revenue generator.  In addition, Mr. Stith works with Comcast’s corporate folks to schedule airtime for our unsolved crime PSAs, or “Crime of the Week” segments.  Without his assistance, very few would even know that Chesterfield and Colonial Heights had a Crime Solvers program.  In 2008, Mr. Stith received the prestigeous “Hulon Willis Award” from OUR Board of Directors for his above and beyond service to our program, and this State recognition was yet another well-deserved acknowledgement of Mr. Stith’s support of the Crime Solvers mission.  CONGRATULATIONS, Martin!

    April 16, 2010 - Ellis Britton
    Recognized for Production Work

    Ellis Britton, one of several employees who are members of Chesterfield County's Technical Services Unit (TSU), received an award for her dedicated assistance with the production of Crime Solvers' weekly "Crime of the Week" and "Fugitives of the Week" segments.  Britton took the production task for Crime Solvers more than 3 years ago and has been faithful with it ever since.





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